About Texas Aggies United
Ever since name, image and likeness became permissible in collegiate athletics, Aggies have strived to lead the way in providing NIL opportunities for Texas A&M student-athletes. Texas Aggies United was established to maximize those opportunities while also providing a one-of-a-kind experience for our supporters.

NIL is an extremely competitive space, and our team is deeply committed to ensuring that Texas A&M remains at the forefront. We are dedicated to uniting the Aggie community to create limitless opportunities for our student-athletes and helping them reach their full potential both on and off the field.

Approximately 85% of every dollar generated through Texas Aggies United goes directly to student-athletes, with the remainder used to cover operating costs related to creating content, merchandise and experiences for our supporters. This is your opportunity to make an impact on student-athletes and help ensure the future success of Texas A&M Athletics.

Press Release: Announcing Texas Aggies United
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of Texas Aggies United?
Once NIL became permissible in 2021, it quickly became obvious that ensuring student-athletes were maximizing their NIL opportunities was a necessity. Many still do not embrace the notion of student-athletes being compensated for their name, image and likeness, but it is a requirement to compete in today's world. We hope you'll embrace the opportunity to assist.
How did Texas Aggies United begin?
Texas Aggies United is a new name for the NIL fund that has been operating since 2021 in support of Texas A&M student-athletes. As the landscape has evolved, it became obvious we needed a public facing website and the ability for ALL fans of Texas A&M to contribute to the NIL opportunities for Texas A&M student-athletes.

Press Release: Announcing Texas Aggies United
How much of my contribution goes to student-athletes?
We estimate that 85% of membership fees will end up supporting Texas A&M student-athletes. Like any business, there are costs to operate a website, purchase merchandise, host dinners, etc., and we seek to keep such costs to an absolute minimum. If you are looking for the most efficient NIL contribution, we encourage you to consider a corporate sponsorship.
Can I give a one-time contribution instead of recurring?
Absolutely! Please contact us through our contact page for one-time contributions.
Is Texas Aggies United Legal?
Absolutely! We follow all applicable local, state and federal laws as well as NCAA rules on NIL. Specifically, we do NOT engage with prospective student-athletes during the recruiting process. Inducements to attend an NCAA institution is strictly forbidden, and we do not negotiate with any student-athletes until after they are enrolled on campus.
Is Texas Aggies United affiliated with Texas A&M University?
We are not affiliated with Texas A&M University, but we are an official sponsor of Texas A&M Athletics. We are recognized by the University as the Official NIL Partner of Texas A&M Athletics.
What sports does Texas Aggies United support?
While the majority of our student-athletes are in football, baseball and basketball, we support all sports at Texas A&M! All membership levels at $2,500 per year or greater have the option to designate the sports that their contribution supports.
Can I earmark my contribution to specific sports?
Absolutely! All membership levels at $2,500 per year or greater have the option to designate the sports that their contribution supports.
Can I earmark my contribution to a specific student-athlete?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all student-athletes will engage with Texas Aggies United for their NIL.
Is my contribution tax-deductible?
Texas Aggies United is NOT a charitable organization, and any membership is not tax-deductible. Corporate sponsors should consult their tax advisor as to the deductibility of their sponsorship as a business marketing expense.
Will the terms of agreements be made public?
All agreements with student-athletes are private contracts and are specifically exempted from Freedom of Information Act requests by the NIL laws of the State of Texas.
What is the best way to stay updated on Texas Aggies United?
The easiest way is to become a member! Secondly, you can find us at @TXAggiesUnited on X, @txaggiesunited on Instagram or our website TexasAggiesUnited.com.
How does the process work? How does Texas Aggies United get funds to the student-athletes?
We are continuously engaging with student-athletes and seeking to acquire certain NIL rights. Each contract is separately negotiated and based on relevant market value.
Who is involved with Texas Aggies United?
Texas Aggies United is comprised of former students and fans of Texas A&M Athletics who have the best interests of the programs and the student-athletes at heart.
May a Texas Aggies United student-athlete enter into other NIL agreements with third parties?
Please contact us to discuss the specific student-athlete that you're interested in discussing.
Can Texas Aggies United assist in obtaining autographs, memorabilia or other engagement with student-athletes?
Absolutely! Please see the membership benefits to see how you can obtain exclusive access to autograph sessions or automatically obtain memorabilia based upon your subscription level.
What are some of the ways that I can support Texas Aggies United and Texas A&M student-athletes?
You can become a United member or reach out to us at the Contact page to discuss engaging with a student-athlete to endorse your business! You can also purchase our unique merchandise, participate in auctions, buy player branded merchandise and participate in our fan events.
Does Texas Aggies United support or enter into NIL agreements with student-athletes at institutions other than Texas A&M?
At this time, our focus is solely on student-athletes at Texas A&M University.
How do I access the exclusive member content?
All content that comes with any membership level can be accessed at TexAgs.com/United.
How is TexAgs involved with Texas Aggies United?
TexAgs is providing content production, technology, administrative, marketing, and athlete activation support and services to Texas Aggies United.
Can I request content or opportunities with certain student-athletes?
We're always open to suggestions!
How do I change or cancel my subscription?
Please contact us directly.
Why does Texas A&M University, a state university, need private support?
NCAA rules specifically prohibit their member institutions from compensating student-athletes for their NIL rights. Therefore, it has become incumbent for former students and other supporters to rise up to support our student-athletes.
Is my donation to Texas Aggies United refundable?
You may cancel any recurring membership charges, but any past membership fees paid are not refundable.
Will I receive 12th Man Foundation priority points for my membership?
We are independent from the 12th Man Foundation and cannot provide priority points at this time.
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